Oakley Bike Garage

The Brief: 

Earlier this year we were approached by the German region of Oakley to create a new sub-brand logo for a B2C (Business to Consumer) activation event taking place in Munich targeting road, mountain and gravel cyclists which included rideouts, workshops, talks and parties.

It needed to be transferable to other regions as well, having an international look and feel to express the vibe of the main brand, experiences and products, in a monochrome colour scheme.

The Design Approach:

We provided three concepts, and have showcased the two unchosen routes here.

Of course, we went over and above providing just a logo, and gave example applications such as window displays and promotional items using some of our mock-up assets.

Option 1 used a stencil font which referenced the repair work and DIY nature of cycling subcultures. This gave a feel which could be easily replicated in other countries.

Option 2 combined the brand font with a handwritten brush font which gave a visual link to the hands-on approach and open community Oakley wanted to create and nurture.

The Application:

Option 3 which was chosen was more of a minimal / technical approach which felt quite ‘modular’ and linked nicely to the bike world which takes a frame / wheels / pedals etc to create a perfect bike for the rider. This didn’t necessarily fit the client brief, but as we had also provided 2 routes based on the client’s requirements, we felt we could also supply something a bit different too.

We provided 3 different lock-ups for this to give versatility which could be applied to existing graphics and adapted for new assets as well. It also gave the flexibility to work in a physical space in addition to the digital promotion. As we had provided vector files to the client, they were able to work directly with printers and signage companies to create a lot of graphics for the venue which helped to streamline their activation.

The Evaluation:

A couple of weeks afterwards, we received a recap document including engagement statistics and event photographs really bringing our branding to life. Our sub-brand was applied to flyers & posters, Out of Home advertising, social media and relevant influencers, PR releases and ‘guerrilla graffiti’ on cycle paths to engage potential attendees.

It’s one thing seeing design work on a screen, but another level seeing it in a physical space, which is something that we’d love to do more of in the future for whatever industry or opportunity comes our way.

“I would also like to take the opportunity and thank everyone who contributed to this project, from colleagues in our and the Milan office to the agency that did a killer job in supporting us and last but not least James Sanderson and his team for the great design work.”