Everyday Something visit Slide 2024

Last week, our project manager David got out of the studio and headed down to SLIDE Outdoor Tradeshow in Telford as part of a more proactive approach to the business.

It’s so satisfying seeing tangible things after we’ve designed them on our monitors, including lightbox images on the Oakley stand and catalogues that have been printed up, as well as being able to see and hold the helmets, goggles and lenses that we work with digital images of on a regular basis. There were other benefits to the day too:

Existing Relationships – About 30 seconds after getting through the entrance, he was approached by a current client who recognised him wearing one of our Winter Mailer scarves. It was lovely to meet some of the North Europe Oakley team who we work with on a weekly basis to put faces to names, and have a more casual chat about what was working for them.

New Relationships – As part of a Luxottica acquisition, we have been presented the opportunity to work with a new client this year who was impressed with our internal documents for other companies within the organisation. It was great to kick this off by meeting at their stand (especially as they’re not usually based in the UK) and get a physical portfolio into their hands. More on that as and when we can share it.

Potential Relationships – Just after the New Year we got everyone into the studio to discuss the direction for 2024, and where we were going to focus our efforts. As we have experience working with Extreme / Action / Outdoor Sports brands, our portfolio will resonate more with people we meet within the same demographic. To avoid conflict of interest, we aren’t particularly seeking new relationships in eyewear, but it was interesting to meet outerwear and equipment brands in the same environment, and see if they needed similar graphic design support.