San Francisco EV Parking

We received a commission from DENT Agency in San Francisco to revitalize the Electric Vehicle Parking Bays at Westfield in Santa Monica. These bays had become lackluster, devoid of any visual appeal, and in dire need of a transformation.

Our design activation for the Electric Vehicle Parking Bays revolved around simplicity, utilizing a vibrant green color scheme and employing graphic illustrations to portray an urban/city landscape. We incorporated relevant icons and cleverly integrated trees to symbolize the eco-friendly nature of electric vehicles, unifying the visuals and establishing a cohesive theme throughout our designs. Additionally, we integrated messaging that complemented the overall effect and enhanced the bays’ aesthetic appeal.

Upon beholding the final results, we were delighted to witness the astonishing transformation we had achieved. What was once a dull and dreary location had been metamorphosed into a visually appealing and enjoyable space, thanks to our innovative designs.