Record Cafe

The Record Cafe was opened in November 2014 by Bradfordian Keith Wildman after around 8 months of planning on how to best bring together great music, great food and great beer under one roof. The result is a dream venue for connoisseurs of fine ale and fine vinyl alike.

Everyday Something got involved with the project when Keith asked us to help develop a brand identity for him. Since this point we have worked with The Record Café on creating a visual suite for the venue spanning everything from creating brand guidelines, taking food photography, developing a website, cultivating event promo materials and crafting product designs.

The visuals we developed needed to mirror the ideals at the heart of Keith’s initial concept – we shied away from the pretentious, looking to create graphics which reflected a contemporary real ale bar combined with the feel of a traditional vinyl record store.

Using elegant type-faces and minimalist logos to connote an emphasis on the quality of product found at The Record Cafe, we were able to bring the feel of the physical venue to life with our designs.

When choosing clients to work with, we always aim to make certain they believe in their project and have a clear goal in mind for what they want to achieve. As such, it’s a pleasure working with a client like Keith who is passionate about what they do – it reflects in the work we do and in their success as a business.

“It’s always difficult deciding on branding from scratch. Which is what I had to do with The Record Café. It’s the face of your business to the world. An initial impression of what you do. I couldn’t be happier with the designs Everyday Something came up with. The logo, designing the shop front, flyers, adverts, and subsequently t-shirts, bags and posters. All to tie in with each other and develop over time whilst maintaining a constant image. I’d recommend Everyday Something’s work to anyone.”