KWC are a Swiss tap manufacturer whose purpose is to create beautifully crafted taps – “combining artistry with mechanical mastery to creating beauty through precision and tremendous attention to detail.” These are words we kept very close to our heart when developing visuals to complement their sleek and elegant designs.

Recently honoured at the German Brand Awards for their successful brand strategy and management, KWC needed a partner to work with for their promotional brochure materials. It was up to us to create a visual tone and high-end feel which matched their brand and purpose, building upon their successes in this field.

To maintain the sophisticated image of KWC, and to refer back to their mission statement of beauty through precision, we created a minimal contemporary look which showcased the regal artistry of their products.

In our eyes the photography should be the star of the brochure, so it was essential to create a stripped back appearance in terms of both layout and typography. Our intention was to mirror the understated aesthetics of the products themselves in the literature we created; keeping a clean and easy-on-the-eye framework was at the root of our thinking for this brief.

As KWC are widely acclaimed within the industry for their branding, we were very happy to be trusted with furthering this with our work and contributing towards cementing their reputation as one of the most debonair and dashing manufacturers today.