Hartley Botanic

Hartley Botanic manufacture the best handmade English glasshouses and greenhouses money can buy. Working with SALT.agency we were tasked with re-designing the Hartley website from scratch to improve user experience and to increase sales for the brand.

The greenhouse company were founded back in 1938 and, since then, have developed a worldwide reputation for “perfect design, enduring strength, unparalleled quality and everlasting performance”. With this in mind, we began to create a visual identity which communicated both the heritage aspect of the brand and the stylistic elements of a modern eCommerce store.

As part of the graphic redesign project for Hartley, we developed over 70 new templates for desktop, tablet and mobile too. In creating a more visually appealing website, with refreshed and invigorated navigation, we were able to craft an online presence for Hartley Botanic, doing justice to their fine products.

The platform we created, with enhanced technical mechanics and aesthetic flair, encouraged users to browse the dynamic and sleek site – the goal was to increase the number of visitors to the website making purchases; something we ultimately succeeded in.

Coupled with the technical SEO expertise of SALT.agency, the outcome of this large-scale re-design resulted in increased conversion rates across the site and greater income for our client. The work we do at Everyday Something isn’t just to improve the graphics of everyone we work for – our branding, visuals and designs aim to increase performances and customer satisfaction too!