Cyberscanner is an advanced, cloud-based website vulnerability scanner that identifies your website’s hackable exploits. Crucially, too, the scanner doesn’t just flag up the issues – it explains them in layman’s terms. It’s an ideal programme for businesses who know they need IT security in place but are not entirely sure where to start.

The scanner was developed by the team at to help companies deal with the minefield that is GDPR compliance, identifying any potential security issues with their websites. Cyberscanner makes tasks which initially seem entirely unsurmoutable much more digestible and easy-to-understand.

Everyday Something have been key in developing Cyberscanner’s brand identity. From the item’s website through to the promotional materials used during the products roll out the in 2018, we have sought to create visuals which represent the core ideals of the innovatory scanner.

Whilst creating the visuals to Cyberscanner’s digital presence, we worked with the belief that the graphics we created should be simple to follow and understand, never bogged down by too much information on any given page, and never be enveloped by too much technical jargon clogging up a screen. Digestible charts, graphs and use of white space to minimise congestion were deployed and usability was at the heart of everything we did.